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samurai sword It is difficult to explain my fascination with these unique art objects, which truly are works of functional sculpture. I have been collecting and studying the Japanese Art Sword for over thirty years. Acquiring my first Samurai Sword in October, 1975 (see photo of my first katana).

Since 1986 I have been concentrating my research on Tsukamaki. In 1987, with the guidance of Dr.W.Y.Takahashi, Sensei, I began a three year intensive study/apprenticeship of the restoration and preservation techniques of John Grimmitt and Takahiro Ichinose, concentrating my research on Tsukamaki and Japanese Lacquerware. Since 1988, I have been performing restoration work on tsuka for various institutions, private collectors, and dealers. In particular, from the fall of '91 until the spring of '96, I performed all of the tsuka restoration work for the Fred Lohman Company.

Currently, I still enjoy both the privilege of doing self-directed, and expertly supervised, restoration and appraisals, as well as the autonomy to research the history and culture of distinctive Japanese art objects.

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The Art of Tsukamaki

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Available on Amazon.com for $32.97
Available here for $28.42 (free shipping)

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