i, my name is Reba! I'm a long-haired German shepherd. I'm really smart. I know all the basic voice and hand commands that trained dogs do and then some. My people, Andrea and Tom, think I'm the best dog ever though some of my neighbors don't appreciate my ferocious bark. I'm only doing my job, making sure that someone knows strangers are near the house. And of course I get a little annoyed at the white dog behind our house that keeps using my backyard for its bathroom and the little black "yipper" dog down the street.

cross the street are some really great dogs:

don't understand why I have to stay home with the cats Smitty and Foster. I love to chase Foster through the house; he can run fast. Smitty's old; he just sits there.
also love:
y favorite word is T-R-E-A-T. (Tom and Andrea don't think I know what they're talking about when they spell it, but I do.) If you too can spell, it would be a real TREAT if you sent me a note, and I'll get one of them to tell me what it says (or just send me a virtual doggie biscuit via e-mail).

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