Although I probably love flying more than the average person, I'll never compare to either my dad or my younger brother Ted, both made airplanes and piloting their lives. Here are some pictures (click on the pictures):
Cessna 150

(the first plane I ever flew)
Dad's Taylorcraft L2

(the last plane I ever flew)
VAL - Japanese Dive-bomber

(the most fun plane I ever flew)
My Dad:
Dad with his Talyorcraft L2
(my dad in his hanger)
Dad with his Aichi D3A 'Val' Dive Bomber

(my dad with his plane at the CAF hanger,
notice that it still has the paint job
from Tora, Tora, Tora!)
Dad clearing runway for B25

(my dad working an air show)
Up in a Beachcraft

(flying with my dad over Breckenridge, Tx)
My Brother:
Cessna 172

(what my brother used to fly)
USAF C-141

(what my brother flew later on)
AirBorne Express DC-9

(what my brother flies now)
Ted with a T-37

(Ted with his T-37)
Ted with a T-38

(Ted with his T-38)
Ted & Ian in cockpit

(Ted with his son)