Whenever I go on the road, I always try to bring with me a sketchpad, a pen, a couple of pencils, a brush, and maybe some ink. In addition, when I am at home, and I have the time, energy, and supplies I like to try my hand at lacquering...

But when I think of a truly dedicated artist, my Aunt Ruth is the first person who comes into my mind. Check out a few of her works at:

Otherwise, you can look at some examples of my doodles and lacquer work from over the years (click on the pictures below):

(A couple of samurai figures
that I saw in a collection of
woodblock prints in Japan;
I liked them so much that
I had to copy them
- Pen & Ink)

(A tree stump that I saw
sticking out the side of a hill
while backpacking in Colorado;
I liked the roots - Pen & Ink)

(Some misty rain that never touched the ground in Alaska - Pen, Brush & Ink)

(A mid-Winter view of
Lincoln Park in Chicago
- Pen & Ink)

( Pine Needles, Maple Leaves
and Cherry Blossoms;
One of my better works
- Urishi, Gold & Silver)

(A box that I did when I was first starting out; a classic pattern
- Urishi & Gold)

(Water Lillies in our pond - Oil)

(Katana saya that I did with a urishi/ camphor mix combining same'
with black in a high gloss finish)

(A Blooming Flower in
Dead Leaves - Oil)

(A little girl with
a big bow in Duluth
- Pencil)

(An evening
sailing race in Duluth
- 4" x 3" Miniature Oil)
(A dream picnic with
Andrea and our dog
in West Virginia - Oil)