Thomas L. Buck, Ph.D.

Digital Learning Projects and Websites:

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Major Areas of Interest:
  • Digital learning and instructional design:
    • Student / classroom assessment
    • Distance learning / e-learning
    • Curriculum development & instruction
    • Learning games design
  • East Asian history and culture:
    • Asian arts & cultural artifacts
    • Thought
    • Religion
    • Political Chronologies

Current Research Agenda
  • Digital Learning and Instructional Design: focusing on the developmental principles of educational psychology, game design, gender role theory, and assessment. Specifically, my research work is two-fold, web-based assessment tools and educational game design:

    My most recent publication, Learning in Cyber-space: A guide to Authentic Assessment Tools for web-based instruction, Third Edition, is designed to be a guide for online instructors, showing them how to access and effectively use current Authentic Assessment tools designed to help them reach their educational goals. These tools include alternative and preformance-based assessment; technology rubrics; rubric builders for web-based instruction; as well as electronic portfolios and graphic organizers.
    Learning in Cyber-space: A guide to Authentic Assessment Tools for web-based instruction

    In additon, I am currently working on a collaborative project that addresses the following general question:

    "How do gender patterns affect students' approaches to web-based learning and digital learning games?"

    This is intended to dovetail with the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) which includes necessary skills in "digital game design" as part of its Profile for Technology Literate Students (Grades 9-12), and is in accord with ISTE's Essential Conditions.

  • East Asian History and Culture: focusing on Japanese sword history, restoration and preservation. Specifically, my most recent book, The Art of Tsukamaki, relates to the anatomy of tsuka-maki by describing and graphing the historical, cultural, and physical aspects of thirty different styles of tsuka.

    In addition, my two previously published books, Ancient Japanese Swords and Fittings, and, Across the Spectrum: Historical Trends in Japanese Lacquer-ware, were republished in ebook formats in February and March of 2010, respectively. Ancient Japanese Swords and Fittings Across the Spectrum The Art of Tsukamaki
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University of Minnesota, Duluth Unversity of Colorado, Denver Portland State University Walden University

" Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. " - Albert Einstien

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